Focus on your work. We will get you clients.

You know what to do and how to do it. Leave for us the hassle of finding clients and clients finding you.

We know that you don’t want to waste time dealing with marketing. It’s complicated and takes a lot of your time. You just want to focus on doing what you do best, and that’s why we exist: we want to help you grow your business by getting you more clients and building your brand awareness!


How do we do it? Our marketing experts will work with you to understand your business, your clients, and your goals. With this we will build powerful strategies and tactics to give you what’s important: more clients and less headache.

Our Services

We will not only help you grow your business by getting you more clients but also make sure your brand grows stronger.

Website Design

Let us design or redesign your website. It will not only look amazing and functional but also communicate with your target in all platforms and the best way possible!

Online Advertising

We will advertise your products and services in internet to your perfect client with powerful messages that will bring them your business!

E-mail Marketing

Communicate effectively over e-mail with people that chose to receive information from you. Sell your products and services or just bond with your clients to keep them closer with our e-mail marketing tactics.

Website Design

  • We design your website
  • You have access to it
  • You can change the hosting or admin anytime.

Price starts at $699

Now $499

Online Advertising

  • We will understand your goal
  •  Target your client on Google, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Instagram.
  • Bring you more clients

Start at $600/month

E-mail Marketing

  • We create the content/campaigns
  • Help you to create a database
  • Deliver your content
  • To generate you new sales
  • Bla
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Our Services

Website Design

We can design a new website for you that will:

  • Look amazing in desktops, mobile, and tablets
  • Make your audience interested in your products/services
  • Help build your brand awareness
  • Communicate effectively with your target

Online Advertising

With our online advertising services you can:

  • Advertise products/services to a very specific audience on different platforms including social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Sell more and increase your revenue

E-mail Marketing

Use this solution if you need to:

  • Build your e-mail database
  • Communicate with your clients in a regular basis and nurture the relationship with them
  • Offer new products/services to your clients
  • Increase revenue with existing clients


Some of our clients

Why Choose Us

We Know Your Business

We will study your business and its target audience so we can communicate with them in the best way possible.


We Go Further

We deliver more than the standard service. We make sure that everything we do will bring benefits for your brand now and in the future.

Everything We Do Is Tailored

We don’t offer generic solutions. Everything we do is tailored to your business so you can get the best return over investment.

We Keep it Real

We don’t promise miracles. We promise real measurable results. If at some point we stop delivering the expected results, we will revise the strategies.

When I was looking for a marketing consulting service that could help me increase my brand awareness, I was skeptical. Fortunately I found RODSSI. Their tactics brought an increase of 50% in the number of registrants for my webinars. I’ve been working with them for months now and I highly recommend their services.

Andrew Patricio

Small Business Expert & Founder of BizLaunch

With RODSSI’s online advertising services we’ve seen a 80% increase in contact request from our website in the first 3 months. Later we asked them to redesign our website to make sure that our brand image reflects how we want it to. We’ve been working with them since then and highly recommend them by the quality of their services, their professionalism and their patience to deal with non-tech savvy people (in this case us)!

Neide Penazzo

Soma Fitness

RODSSI offered exactly what I needed: high quality and easy to understand marketing services. They built my website helping me to have my brand on the internet. This made it easy for new clients to find me and allowed my current clients to book online for my services. I couldn’t be happier!

Bruno Castro

Registered Massage Therapist

About Us


RODSSI was idealized by Rodolfo (Executive MBA in Marketing) and Paola (Business Management Degree and Post-Grad in Marketing) to help small and medium businesses thrive. We are a marketing consulting business focused on delivering real measurable results through innovative strategies and tactics.

We consider small and medium businesses to be extremely important to our economy. These businesses have similar struggles: they are not sure how to achieve their marketing goals or they don’t have time to stress over it. That’s when RODSSI comes into play. We can fill in the gaps and help you whether you need to build your brand from the ground up or need to get more clients for your already running business.


At RODSSI we believe that marketing can be simplified. It’s not about always using complex expressions or methodologies. It’s about making sure your clients understand your message and delivering results that matter. We are commited to learn and understand our clients and their goals so we can guide them to success, working together towards a profitable end. Our relationships are always guided by trust, clarity, honesty, and professionalism.

Our Simplified Process

Understanding Your Business

We start by learning everything about your business so we can deliver the results you need.

Understanding Your Clients

Then we identify and understand your client. We need to know who they are and what they want.


Now we are ready to create strategies and tactics to reach your perfect audience.

Executing and Measuring

We execute our plan and start measuring the results to make sure we are on track.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.


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